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Welcome to Bantoom.Com! I am Mike Morrow, aka Ghek the Kaldane your host and sysop since 1991 of Bantoom BBS in Sacramento, California. (Bantoom BBS didn't wake up one morning in the Summer of 2002, I bring it back in a limited form privately to transfer TI files...This is the new site - Aug 2005)

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   End of the World (so to speak) Timeline


   2054 +  ?  = The Great Tribulation (7 years)

      (comment: The Great Temple must be rebuilt in Israel first)

    The 1000 year reign of God on Earth

    Rebellion against God and a new Earth

    So we are looking at 3061+.....


  Enough gloom...remember, Disneyland wasn't built in a day.


  Solomon had a "thousand" proverbs, I  have but one:


      "Wisdom survives, whereas foolishness is only repeated."

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