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   End of the World (so to speak) Timeline [Date: 1982-1984]
   2054AD +  ?  = The Great Tribulation (3.5 years)
    (First 3.5 years: The Great Temple must be rebuilt in Israel)
    The 1000 year reign of God on Earth
    Rebellion against God and a new Earth
    So we are looking at 3057AD + ?

   UPDATE 2022AD: "?" = "(154 or 155)" -> 2208AD or 2209AD
                                        -> ~3211AD or ~3212AD

        That was the midpoint calculation which 
         I thought most people would be interested in.
         Take back 3.5 years for the Tribulation Beginning.

         -> 2204AD or 2205AD for the Tribulation Beginning. (NovToNov)

  Extended Timeline comment:   
How to explain some first generation not passing away issues. 
Simple, suppose the Elder Witness was born during the 
first new generation period of modern Israel
...aging will not kill them. That is what has happened.
God's people were not short changed in their watchfullness,
the Elder Witness's birth was a necessary but hidden sign.

  The Younger Witness has yet to be born at this point
 and will be a descendant of the Elder Witness,
 but his generation is not the last one in 
 this family tree before the end times.
Currently, women can apply directly to God for 
that witness birthing position if so inclined. 

  Last Word: I waited 40 years for the second update,
 no further one should be needed, but
the 13 month version is MayToMay (midpoint).
Note that the final calculations are based on
 the revealed death age of the Elder Witness. -MRM

God has a lot more of his people to be born yet.
 Some more generations will have to wait
 just like the ones that have gone before.

  At one very down point in my life, 
God told me a joke in the form of a question:

    "Do you know why I walked on water?"

 After thinking about it, I had no answer: No, Lord.

              "I was too tired to swim." 

  Looking at his day as described in the bible, 
  it was long and strenuous. We all have those days.


Checklist for the 7 years End Times to begin: 2204-2205AD 

1. Elder Witness: Currently alive.            X
2. Younger Witness: Yet to be born.            
3. Romans 11:25 Body of Gentiles complete. No. 
4. Matthew 28:19 Good News available to all ?  


Things to be covered: Training Missions / moments

 Covid 19: Was it a biblical plague? I know the story:
  During the summer of 2018 a national leader seemed
  to have lost all rationalization beyound his own,
  and his people suffered. The Elder Witness wanted
  to know if something could be done. God and he soon
  considered that some introspection for the leader
  might work as a training mission for the EW. A plan
  of action was devised where the leader would be 
  cursed by God at the request of the EW who felt it
  was not yet his time for that sort of thing. The EW
  would watch and monitor the progress of the leader 
  in this "Job like" study. Only the attitude of the 
  leader was being checked while the curse was in a
  continuous mode. Checking every couple of weeks 
  starting in late summer 2018, the EW felt nothing
  changed til the 10th week. The slightest doubt or
  unshurity had crept into the suffering leader's
  considerations. The Elder Witness decided that 
  this was a good point of progress and cancelled 
  the continuous curse of the leader. In 2020 the
  Elder Witness considered the suffering of people
  due to Covid 19 and realized it had somehow come
  as a part of the 2018 curse. The EW had not 
  expected this.  Getting more out of the training
  mission, the Elder Witness was able to pull back 
  22 unactualized varients of the curse/Covid 19 so 
  as to cause less suffering.[Rainbow "Merit Badge"]
 The Great Westcoast Revival (America) year unknown:

 Telling someone they will die before the End Times:
  God directed me to tell someone I knew well that
  they would die before the End Times and that they
  would also live a long time. To me it was obvious 
  that they had stopped striving to live and they
  were mostly just waiting for the rapture. After
  that, they got back in the game of life and were
  able to achieve many of their goals. As a part 
  of my mission I became aware how long they would
  live. I was very sad that one of their big goals
  was not going to happen...then God added 5 years 
  to their life so it could happen. I only had an
  an intermediate End Times date at the time so I 
  had to recheck the possibilities as prophecy can 
  sometimes have a 2nd string to the bow or a two
  sided blade can cut both ways. In this case the 
  flipside of the prophecy was that the End Times 
  can not start til after they die. No problemo...

 How as a young lad I came to God but later doubted:
  When I was very young, like two years old, I came
  to notice that there was a basketball sized cloud
  following me around that nobody else seemed to
  see. Somehow, I knew it was God, so thinking up
  a question took over two years. My mother was
  ironing in the kitchen with me, so I asked her
  "Who is God?". She shared John 3:16 with me and I
  believed. I have condidered myself a Christian
  since that day. My father took me to his "church"
  for a while when I was a few years older. Once
  they posed a question: How can you believe in a
  god you cain't touch? I felt that I needed to
  solve that riddle, but doubted that I could.  So
  at night in my room I would have conversations
  with God about how I could believe in him under
  such a question...this appearently equated to
  doubt and I noticed shadows and things in the
  corners of the room. The color was bleedeing out
  like in that song "Mamma don't take my kodachrome
  away". Finally, he touched me on my left shoulder 
  & I decided on a logical conclusion, God must
  exist for I was having conversations with him. In
  the back of my head, I felt the problem was
  solved, but it took a few years for me to be able
  to vocalize it. For when God touched me, I also
  had to have touched him! And we touch him all of
  the time with the things we say and do. 5/26/2024

 How does one get to be a Witness? I know the story:
  The task of being a Witness is a very harsh one,
  not really something to be desired as it is a
  brutal game of disaster. Can't make an omlet
  without breaking eggs. I think of the old shake &
  bake commericals about cooking chicken. "By all
  means save some" isn't a side you can work much
  as a Witness. But when the Elder Witness read the
  Bible through for the first time and got to the
  chapters of Revelation, he felt a great need to
  help people in the Great Tribulation. So much so
  that he volunteered every day for six months to
  be there, skipping the rapture or what ever it
  took! Then he felt that he had been heard. Eight
  years later, God reminded him of what he had said
  and started giving him some information about who
  he would be working with and that things would'nt
  be happening soon. A number of attempts were made
  to discourage, scare or confuse him about God's
  work. But he also had friends, family and God was
  watching over him to the extent that he warned
  some people not to mess with him as God would not
  like it. People who did mess with him would often
  soon have troubles of their own. 5/26/2024  

 Elder Witness helps 3rd Temple! I know the story:
  At a local church reconstruction endevor he was
  only allowed to donate money to the project as
  a training mission for the future 3rd Temple. 
  The desire was there to help wield tools, lift
  material and be part of the group. He does plan
  for example in the future to locate lost needed
  items...he has known where to look for the AOTC
  since God revealed that in 1973 while he was
  reading the Bible. 5/31/2024 

 01/29/2024 Note: How to build your own timeline view.
 Adding TPDeathpoint - 2211AD or 2212AD (Nov to Nov)
 Now you can make your own variant of the 7 year
 Tribulation timeline. It's Endpoint for me, but if you 
 have say a TPDeathpoint of midtrib in mind, then you 
 could use what I call midpoint as your beginning time.

  Enough gloom...remember, Disneyland wasn't built in a day.
  Solomon had a "thousand" proverbs, I  have but one:
      "Wisdom survives, whereas foolishness is only repeated."

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